Troublesome Creek

Feature-Length Film: Crime Drama


When a robbery-turned-murder occurs in a quiet Appalachian town, and all evidence suggests a local, detective Jerry Somerset must consider all suspects including his brother Andrew.  Despite all personal and professional convictions Jerry’s manipulated by crooked leaders to betray his brother Andrew and mistake evidence and motive in an investigation dead-set on burying the truth.  Becoming Sheriff, Jerry must learn the rules of community law.

Troublesome Creek is a story that unfolds in a small town that can happen to anyone, anytime, and anywhere; universal in the sense that it appeals to basic human behavior and instinct; the desire to protect one’s own above all else. 

The drama of this film uniquely expresses the politics shaping this community. Appalachia has been caught up in generations of poverty, and its people have given up. Years of welfare programs combined with job scarcity, the closure of the coal mines, and the over-prescription of opioids have ensnared them in the “White Poverty” exploited by our national politicians.

In a world where morals have no currency for those in power, is Jerry Somerset’s righteous path enough to make a difference? What is a moral victory?

Riot Girl: The United States of America vs. Emma Goldman

Feature-Length Screenplay: Biopic/Political Drama


When United States’ President McKinley was assassinated in 1901, Emma Goldman was already a strong social influence.  But her connection to his assassin put her name on front-page news across the country. She was falsely accused, jailed, and tried for conspiracy.  What began as a trial to trash her name, set off the sweeping crusade against a single woman.

Riot Girl is the first ever biopic dedicated to Emma Goldman, whose leading role as an Anarchist in early 20th century America was nothing short of revolutionary.  We follow her struggle to emancipate individuals from the unrestrained Capitalism of the 1900s by organizing labor unions, the Free Speech Society, and fighting for workers’ rights, women’s rights, birth control, and ultimately against the World War I draft.  Both government and big business made every effort to bury her and she never broke.  She lived a life few can endure, and she defined a sociopolitical philosophy that paved the way for all future activism, including the civil rights, Anarchy.

Covering her political activism and extraordinary life as a woman of tremendous vision and dedication, we follow her most active years in America.  Her efforts to organize labor and individuals, including women, at a time when children worked mines, and women required a husbands’ permission, were trailblazing!  The first to speak publicly about birth control, Emma’s often overlooked as the originator of Planned Parenthood, because her agenda was not exclusively feminist.  We discover how essential Emma was to her friend Margaret Sanger, and the movement.  We also discover her personal challenges, as a strong woman, unwilling to compromise on her ideals. 

She was lionized a “freethinking rebel woman" by admirers, and denounced a “terrorist” by detractors.  Her writing and lectures spanned various issues still relevant today: Free Speech, Prison Reform, Atheism, Militarism, Capitalism, Homosexuality, and Gender Politics.  She sacrificed everything for her vision of a free society and inspired great social progress and activism, despite systematic suppression.  Ultimately, J. Edgar Hoover illegally deported her.

 A remarkable visionary far ahead of her time, and buried by a biased history.

Personal Influence

Feature-Length Screenplay: Psycho-Surrealist Thriller/Drama


Lisa Hurt is a great assistant; brilliant, discerning, and discreet. She’s also highly f***able. Navigating a career in Hollywood, she battles an abusive boss and she succeeds, but not without a scar.

A highly charged examination of sex, power, and ambition, Personal Influence is a revealing case-study about sexual harassment in Hollywood and the sleazy culture that captivates our admiration. In a story that examines a woman’s life in two parts, we discover the spiritual tax she paid to overcome an abusive boss while on the working set of her film that re-imagines the trauma, only now she's coaching a young actress and repeats the cycle of abuse herself, devastating a younger woman who might have been a protégé.

It's a wild ride with vivid characters in a world of absurd situations.  Entertaining us with wicked behavior and morally ambiguous choices, this sampling of a Hollywood caste system is a solid punch in the gut.

Jorge The Hero Who Saved Hannah

Digital Series



A digital series that is romantic to its core, but is not a romance.  It's a simple story about two people who would never have crossed paths had it not been for a coincidental confrontation that sets them on an unlikely journey across America, changing them forever and ultimately saves them.

The series is inspired by classic road movies, and themes related to the spirit of characters in search of something.  It's a relationship story about an American girl and an older Mexican man that explores the nature of love and friendship when everything seems lost.

We meet Hannah in a manic state of depression.  She's suicidal and in a desperate hysteria when Jorge arrives interrupting her disconnected thoughts and providing an anchor.  He has the wrong address.  Could Hannah help him?  Hannah explains where the address is, but grows frustrated communicating, so she grabs her keys and decides to give him a ride.  Refusing at first, Jorge finally accepts when she explains that it's on her way.  It isn't until they are driving that he discovers that in reality she has no destination.  When they arrive, Jorge is intimidated by a group of migrant workers as Hannah watches from the car, as a younger man grows aggressive.  She slams on the horns, surprising everyone.  There's a bit of a scuffle, she puts the car in drive, and Jorge jumps back in.

Suddenly they each find themselves driving together, destination unknown…

This is the beginning of what turns out to be a life-changing adventure for both of them.  The first step of a journey two broken individuals are about to embark on without ever having intended to do so.